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We request all of you to think about a serious problems & issues

Now a days we are receiving a lot of  Inquiries & Suggesions

Mainly some common issues are:-


We don’t understand, If you all know how to use Internet then why can’t you place Bets online? There are so many Websites where you find better options and Rates then Bookies. Even most of the Big Bookies use Websites like Betfair and Bet365.

It is really very easy & simple to open your Online Betting Account or place your Online Bets. It does’t matter you belong to any country or if you don”t have credit cards you can transfer money by the help of Skrill or Neteller. If you find any difficulty or details to open Online Betting Account, Just Contact us our associates will be in touch with you shortly.

We will help you step by step to open your account in or bet365 bet365>, So please follow step by step instructions very carefully:-

STEP 1. Click here to claim 30£ free bet



Once you’re on the Betfair landing page, just look for the “1. Join” text. CLICK on it. betfair_registration_2-copy



Fill in all the information that Betfair asks for, making sure to enter a username and password that you’ll remember. Make sure that you’ve filled in the Promotion code from the landing page – it may have already been filled in for you. Tick the box to confirm that you’re over 18 and that you agree to the Betfair Terms and Conditions and then click on the grey “Open account” button. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be asked to deposit money into your account, but you can do that later if you’d prefer.

 Congratulation’s now you have a betfair account…..Now you have to transfer money into  your account.DONT TRANSFER MONEY DIRECTALY INTO BETFAIR.Deposit or withdraw your money through Neteller or Skrill that you can do easly by ATM card.



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